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case coding simplified

The .CORE integrated heads are the essence of what makes inc.jet’s industrial printing solutions so successful—rugged design, solid connections to external elements and the finest print heads in the industry, all provided in a commercial off-the-shelf system.


inc.jet’s Integrated heads are enclosed in an industrialized stainless steel casing for maximum protection.  Up to four print heads can be accommodated within to give a 2” print swath.  Seamlessly included in this rugged housing is a print controller and a bulk ink system.


  • Fully integrated system including, pens, print controller and bulk ink system for lowest cost operation
  • Industrial housing for the most arduous environments
  • Variable and fixed data capability - can take data from external sources
  • Large selection of standard and custom inks in black or in color

reduced costs

With a bulk ink handling system included as an essential part of an integrated head, .core units are the most cost effective way of printing on cases and cartons. And with an ink designed specifically for printing on Kraft Corrugate and other carton materials available, total running costs are minimized at all times.

A guarantee of reliability is what your business needs today. And a company to stand behind its words.


inc.jet does just this by offering a genuine Lifetime Warranty on its hardware. If there is ever a problem, we will replace it free of charges for the lifetime of that product, whether 1 year or 20 years from now


lifetime warranty


no mess, no smell

best in reliability

Package coding solutions from inc.jet save our customers thousands of dollars every year.


Using thermal inkjet technology from HP means that every time you change a cartridge (and that's a 5-second operation), you are replacing your packaging printer's print head – no planned maintenance, no expensive external companies visiting you, no specially trained employees.


We know that reliability is one of the most important aspects of your packaging processes. After all you want to spend all your time marking on your product not maintaining your packaging printers.


inc.jet's solutions have proven time after time to be the most reliable and low-maintenance packaging printers available.

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+1 860-823-3090
+1 860-823-3090

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