At the heart of any printing solution is the ink – and inc.jet provides the widest range of specialty industrial inkjet inks to enable printing on almost any substrate for maximum applicability.


Please contact us for advice on the best solution for your application.


What do you need to print on?


No two materials are alike. They often require very different inks to produce the quality and clarity that is demanded. Whether printing on matte stocks or glossy finishes, inc.jet provides industrial inks that dry quickly, are water resistant and adhere to the most difficult substances. And since inc.jet uses Hewlett-Packard (HP) thermal inkjet technology, it offers pigmented as well as dye and solvent-based inks, providing you with even more printing possibilities.


Industrial Ink options to suit every need


If black ink dominates your print jobs then our specially formulated Managed Inks give you a wide range of options, each one designed for specific coats and stocks. For those projects that require color, we carry over 14 stock colors and offer custom Pantone color matching.


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