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Whether you need to create a printer from the ground up or just want to reseller a turnkey product to meet your sales goals, inc.jet has the solution for you.




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turnkey solutions

branded solutions


At the very core of inc.jet’s print solutions are the print controller boards. Available in a variety of formats capable of supporting multiple TIJ pens stalls, these can be readily integrated into your own products to form your own specific print solutions.


We offer full support in the form of documentation, expertise and technical support from our engineering team.


If you need a print solution that can be readily implemented at an End User with minimal design and integration, then inc.jet has the set of products that can help you with this. From single 0.5” packaging coding to wide format printers, inc.jet can be your ideal business partner.




If you want to sell under your own brand or trademark, inc.jet can accommodate, with customized hardware and software. Simply tells us what print solutions you need and we can help with personalization from graphic design and support materials to the development of customized hardware

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+1 860-823-3090
+1 860-823-3090

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