hp based print solutions

The jet.engine is a highly recognizable variable data print head that is flexible, controllable and extremely practical. Its “no-mess” high-quality output and easily integrated technology ensures its applicability with almost any situation and on any surface. With the ability to control variable data print jobs from set up through output, the jet.engine delivers solutions without the hassle and expense of purchasing complicated variable data printing equipment..


  • Flexible print widths
  • Proven performance
  • Solid design
  • Dependable and flexible software control

The jet.engine is a HP based industrial inkjet printer engine for OEMs and system integrators that provides the most flexibility and greatest power of any print engine on the market. The industrial inkjet printer engines include three cartridges/pen slots for a total print width of 1.5".


An additional pen stall that can be connected to a jet.engine industrial inkjet printer engine to expand the stitched print to 2”. It can also be mounted separately to provide an additional 0.5” print away from the imager. The kit comes with a 20” connecting cable.



component kits

Industrial inkjet printer component kits consist of inc.jet process boards and HP pen driver board and pen stalls. The kits contain all the parts necessary for an OEM to develop their own print heads based on inc.jet technology. They can be used to make custom print heads or can be embedded in other equipment.  The kits are available as either one or four pen options – used to develop 0.5" and 2" print solutions. They are supplied with a jet.engine processor board and the appropriate number of driver boards, ribbon cable and pen stalls.

satellite solutions

One of the most flexible arrangements of jet.engine technology is where the print engine electronics reside in a stainless steel box (controller) and one to four pens/cartridges can be driven in any configuration, as desired. For example, 4 pen stalls can be made into two 1" industrial printers or four 1/2" industrial printers.

mailing software

inc.jet has the most flexible and powerful industrial printer software available to enable complete control of the print environment.


  • Industrial Printer GUI
  • Direct to Imager
  • Windows Print Driver
  • On Board RIP

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