Years of experience, thousands of printers installed all over the world and almost no applications that inc.jet solutions are not suitable for, has made us the envy of the industry.


Below are just a few examples of where inc.jet has successfully provided rugged, cost effective and totally reliable package coding solutions.



This fifth generation owned apple orchard grows its fruits on 250,000 trees and processes and packages them in-house into cider.


They were using an alternate TIJ based printer to print internal lot codes on the sides of the plastic cartons, prior to being filled. Unfortunately they quickly found out that their print solution was neither robust enough, reliable ore capable of printing legible codes on an ongoing basis.


 They replaced it with a .UNO solution from inc.jet and have been printing consistently and happily since.

Market:                  Food and Beverage

Application           Internal lot Code on plastic
                               cider bottles

Substrate               Plastic - PE

inc.jet Solution     1/2" .UNO Printer



For many years the company  had been using five Videojet 2300 piezo Printers and had a $30,000 a year service contract in place. With a simple requirement for printing lot codes and expiry dates, the customer had become increasingly upset with ink all over the packing area – it had become a real eyesore in a new state of the art facility.  They were also spending over $320 a month per line for ink.


inc.jet replaced all of the lines with a no mess, no maintenance .CORE case coding solution which not only reduced ink consumption (ink costs were now running at $155 per month) but also removed the service contract in its entirety, a total saving of almost $40,000 a year.


Market:                  Dairy

Application           Lot code and expiry dates
                               on secondary packaging

Substrate               Coated Corrugate

inc.jet Solution     2" .CORE case coder


   flexible packaging

The company manufacturers Vertical Fill, Form and Seal packaging equipment and had previously been installing TTO based print solutions for their multi-lane solutions. They realized that the iSP printer from inc.jet was a better solution in terms of cost of hardware, reduced consumables, greater reliability and ease of use.


Since installing their first iSP Printer, they have now committed to using the inc,.jet solution as their standard printer for the future


Market:                  Manufacturing

Application           Expiry dates  on Vertical
                               Form Fill Sealers

Substrate              Plastic Pouch

inc.jet Solution     10 Lane iSP Printer


   fresh produce

With a requirement for PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative) labels on trays of high quality Tomatoes, the company had been using print and apply labelers to achieve the goal. These were printed and applied by hand and incurred considerable costs. After an in plant trial they were very pleased with the ease of use, low maintenance and high print quality of the .Core system.


After installing the first line, they quickly upgraded 4 more lines and have been running consistently, high efficiency and very cost effectively.

Market:                  Fresh Produce

Application           PTI label replacement
                               barcodes, voice pick codes
Substrate              White Kraft Corrugate

inc.jet Solution     2" .Core Case Coder



The company had been using CIJ printers and had been dissatisfied for some time with the reliability and mess of the printers. They had a strong brand in their market and wanted to be able to print this on the plastic pipes, but were unable to do this with their current printers.


A two week trial was successfully performed. The company instantly liked the ability to print high quality logos together with the variable data for distance marking. They purchased their first unit at the completion of the trail and continue to be very satisfied.

Market:                  Industrial

Application           Print logo and text on 1/2"                            
                               underfloor heating pipes
Substrate              High Temperature PE

inc.jet Solution     1/2" .UNO printer