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.TOTAL is the ideal industrial marking system for installations where flexibility and customization are required to meet the customer's printing requirements. Individual components can be gathered together to make an industrial marking system that can print in any direction, integrate into external systems and give you the ability to print exactly what you need, every time.


At the heart of everything is the Print Controller., which comes in a variety of formats depending on the level of your integration needs


  • Fully integrated system including, pens, print controller and bulk ink system for lowest cost operation
  • Industrial housing for the most arduous environments
  • Variable and fixed data capability - can take data from external sources
  • Large selection of standard and custom inks in black or in color

print controller

satellite controllers

oem kits


The Print Controller is a rugged, stainless steel, industrial box containing an inc.jet jet.engine V5 print control card and power supply. It has a standard AC Power Connector, Ethernet  outlet and 10 additional application-specific interface connectors supporting Pen Stalls, Encoder, Sensor, Daisy Chain, Stack Light and General Purpose Input/Output functions.

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the jet.engine  V5, V6 and V7 PCB is based on the current jet.engine hardware design, but is optimized for ease of integration into OEM systems.  The 4 Pen kit comes with a V6 jet.engine processor board, four HP pens stalls, four  HP pen driver boards, four ribbon cables and a power connector.  It is used to develop 2” print solutions.




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One of the most flexible arrangement of jet.engine technology is where the print engine electronics reside in a stainless steel box (controller) and 1 to 4 pens/cartridges can be driven in any configuration, as desired. For example, 4 pen stalls can be made into two 1" printers or four 1/2" printers.




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